Estefany Torres


Software engineer

I am a talented engineer with 7 years of experience developing and maintaining ERP systems and I recently finished my master's degree in data sciences where I focused on the latest web development technologies to support machine learning applications.

Estefany Torres

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Traffic eagle

U.S. Traffic accidents dashboard built using Dash by plotly shows time series analysis of trend and seasonality as well as an auto arima prediction

Dash Python CSS Pandas Pyramid-Arima

DePaul IDLab's Landing page

Bootstrap JavaScript HTML/CSS

Information Processing Capability of Soft Continuum Arms

Research on reservoir computing application on soft robotic arm

Java Python Reservoir computing

trauxerp website

Landing page and client portal for Vsoft made with Angular and Django

Django Angular Python Typescript HTML/CSS

Big Brother

Slack bot that uses the channel members to label face recognition data and KNN machine learning algorithm to recognize who entered the office

Bottle Python SKLearn OpenCV FaceRecognition Slack API

Integrated Radiology Image Search research survey

Full-stack app development of a survey to obtain feedback from radiologists on an image based search engine

Bottle Python HTML/CSS

Not currently maintained, link may be broken or modified by other developers

2018 World Cup Predictions using decision trees

A statistical approach to predict the winner of the 2018 soccer world cup



Chicago IL, United States

I love to work, so don't be shy, I'm just an email away.